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HDivision Chart

Division Chart

The division chart is used to determine what division your player should be assigned to. The purpose of this chart is to provide safety, fair play, and fun to each player participating in the NYFL. These charts are made up on a season by season basis and are not made exclusively by any one entity. Three entities help each season make the age/weight chart used for that season. Those entities are the Rules Commitee (made up with the public), The Board of Directors, and our insurance company.



Fall 2017 Division Chart

5 Unlimited Unlimited Starts
6 Unlimited Unlimited Starts
7 Unlimited Unlimited Rookies
8 Unlimited Unlimited Rookies
9 Unlimited Unlimited Junior Varsity
10 Unlimited Unlimited Junior Varsity
11 Unlimited Unlimited Varsity
12 Unlimited Unlimited Varsity
13 Unlimited Unlimited Collegiate
14 8th grades only Unlimited Collegiate
   Birthday cut off date is July 31st 20XX year round. The start season of each year is the Fall season then to Spring season.
Example for this Fall 2015 season.
July 31st 2015. 
Example for upcoming Spring 2016 season.
July 31st 2015.
No player's allowed to be held down in any division.
*This weight chart is used at time of registration to determine which division a player is assigned to.   Players are weighed at time of registration which becomes the players “official weight”.  This chart is subject to change without prior notification.  This weight chart is in direct correlation with the rules committee made up with the public and the Board of Directors.